If you want to initiate your business, sell your products, or aim to start your blog, you require building a website. And the easiest way to build a website is WordPress.  has vast experience in building websites on WordPress.

Today 43% of the websites are built with Word press, and most companies prefer it. Word press is the most popular website builder because of its striking and user-friendly features. AZK Logix can assist you in creating your websites, making landing pages, or publishing your blogs with word press. We have an experienced team to offer these services because client satisfaction is our priority.

Services We Offer For Word Press

A new project is exciting for us, but we keep focusing on it every month. We also ensure the client’s inquiries and future requirements to compete with the client’s competitor. We train our team on the recent trends of WordPress. Here is a list of services that we provide to our customers;

  • Customized Personal Website

If you want to publish your blogs and share your research or experiences with the world, you should have a personal website to connect with people. AZK Logix are adept in building websites with WordPress customers’ demand; we have a team of professional software experts who are always ready to solve website-related problems. So,  is your best agency if you want a personal website.

  • Ecommerce website 

It won’t be untrue to say that the present era is the era of e-commerce, and e-commerce will completely dominate all businesses shortly. So now, e-commerce has become inevitable to run a successful business.

For running any e-commerce-related business, you must have an e-commerce website. Because when you are selling products, services, or goods on the internet, you need to take orders, get payments, and manage your shipping,  an e-commerce website can easily manage all these tasks for you.

It’s in ‘s expertise to build e-commerce websites through word press for its customers. We have vast experience making e-commerce websites for our customers to help them grow their business and generate revenue.

We not only build e-commerce websites with WordPress but also provide after services to our worthy clients.

An inexperienced website developer can cause you nuisance and loss to your business, so you must hire an experienced WordPress website builder agency like AZK that is experienced and value its customers.

  • Blogging website

Blogging a website is more than a website because it can make your future. You can manage your brand and write your blogs with your blogging website. WordPress has made it easy to make a blogging website. Azk Logix can make a blogging website with all the vital features to make your blog useful and attractive.

  • Business website

You need to showcase your products and elaborate their features on a business website for any business. Because a business website creates awareness of your brand among the customers, and people start recognizing your product whenever they see it. AZK Logixs are specialists in designing your business website. Whether your business is small or large, we will consider all the goals and means to maximize your business and profit. A well-designed business website helps promote your business and makes your job easy.

  • A website for Real estate business

The real estate business is all about showing the company’s strong portfolio. And a website for property businesses makes it easy for customers to check and deal with the company by visiting their website. AZK Logixs has been dealing with real estate companies and offering them services for a long time. 

We know how to build a website with unique features important for the real estate business. We bring forth the company’s multidimensional portfolio that helps engage visitors to the website. We provide search and navigation features that make it convenient for customers to get the details and descriptions of the property.

  • Corporate Business website

Web design plays an important role in the success of the corporate business because consumers assess the brand through the design of its website. So the website’s features and theme tells about your business’s status. Therefore a corporate website must be built by an expert to highlight the level of your brand. AZK Logixs has been providing services to renowned brands for a long time. We know how to design a corporate website that can pave the way for brand success.

  • Building an Educational website

Educational websites have made learning fun because students can have interactive learning sessions in videos or audio. An educational website can be more effective in language learning and providing information in the form of video content.

So a flourishing teacher in the class, a teacher must have an educational website to entertain and engage the students with the content on his website.

A teacher doesn’t need to make an educational website because  is there to help you with its professional web-building team. We can offer you an educational website where you can design your course content, arrange live sessions, put educational videos,  prepare tests for students and publish the results.

  • A website for Amazon Affiliate task

If you are considering earning a passive income from Amazon affiliate marketing, you should first have your website where you can publish Amazon affiliate links. AZK Logix knows all the strategies of Amazon marketplace, and by keeping them in mind, our professional team can design a website that would help you get traffic to your website; the competitors won’t bury your website down.

  • A website for Personal shop

 has unassailable features for designing websites and applying attractive themes to them to bring your shop into the limelight.

We can customize a website on your demand, and you can easily manage a listing of your products, orders, and payments. We will provide some built-in features such as auto-generated responses to queries and emailing new offers to clients. We will add all the vital features to your website for keeping an online shop.

  • Law firm website

A website is a must-have for a law firm to keep the clients’ cases on track, manage the records, and schedule the routine according to the tasks. It becomes very systematic and convenient to manage the law firm with the help of a website.  is regarded among the best law firm website designers; we know how to add features that can make you tension free. We design result-oriented websites for our clients.

  • Digital Marketing Website

You can boost your company’s visibility by analyzing digital data and making future strategies. A website for digital marketing can do all the tasks mentioned above and many others. You should get the services of Azk Logix’ professionals for web development and digital services to support your digital marketing business. We have several clients who have become our permanent customers regarding digital web development because we offer solutions to customers’ queries; customer satisfaction is our first obligation.

  • Social Media Website

Azk  Logix has a team of software experts who can design a customized social media website for our clients. Social media website help people to connect, and it also helps brands to reach their customers. Today numerous social media websites are working, and we can make a social media website on any pattern.

The Qualities Of Websites Development

  • Responsive website

While developing your website, we prefer the website to be responsive and adjust on any screen size or viewpoint, and its working doesn’t hamper the user while using it.  adds features that automatically adjust the web view to look good on any device.

  • Mobile friendly website

Mostly now, people use smartphones, and they don’t often use laptops or PC while using a web browser, so our team designs websites supported by smartphones. A mobile phone-supported website proves more successful than others. That is the reason we target that point for our customers.

  • SEO optimized website

A website can’t get the desired results or objectives unless it is SEO optimized. If a search engine cannot find you, all your hard work is wasted, no matter how good.

An SEO-optimized website can boost traffic to your website. Our technical team develops such SEO-optimized websites that make it easy for our client’s products to rank on the front page.

  • Security and speed-optimized web.

It’s a common behavior of every user that he won’t prefer a website that takes too long to respond, and he will bounce back to another website due to the slow speed of the website.

 to design speed-optimized and secure websites because we have a team of experts who use superfluous codes, strong Webhosting, enhanced browser caching, and mobile optimization. Our customers don’t complain about the security or slow speed of the website because we keep it in mind while developing a website.

  • Premium template and plug-ins.

AZK Logixs stands prominently in the run of website designs and premium templates. We offer such templates that customers can drag and drop to get their desired website setting. Our templates don’t require plug-ins, but if some template requires it, we already provide a cloud link to the customer. Customers can ping us any time24/7 without any hesitation.

  • Custom Design

Every client has different requirements and usage of the website.  is not rigid in offering web designs; we design the web according to the customer’s demands. We offer a complete range of custom designs according to the type of website.

  • Social Media Integration

Social media integration is the linking of your website with different social media platforms, so your followers can access your website easily and you can achieve your marketing goals. AZK Logix integrates your website with different social media platforms or leaves you an option to connect your website with social media platforms later on.

  • Pages and categories optimization

Category pages play a vital role in dividing an online store into different sections, a customer can open a category of item from the store, and he won’t have to probe the whole store. Shopping is easy because the customer gets only the desired product.  optimizes the category pages of the website by using keywords so that the search engine results can take the user to the store’s landing page.

  • Google Analytics, Contact form, and map integration

 designs a website after reading the latest Google updates. We have a certified team of software engineers to assist our customers in getting the traffic and resolve the issues if our website is facing problems on Google analytics.

We can provide the contact form feature if our customer demands it, the contact form saves a lot of time, and it can take information, payment, or reserve booking automatically. Most companies demand the visitor’s email ID to their website for future use.

Map integration helps users scale data easily, showing data to the user with the preferred location. So you can target your audience specifically with this option; this feature is also built-in and available for the web, designed by Azk Logix.

  • Theme Customization

This feature helps you to modify the tagline and title of your site, and you can also get a preview of your website.  provides this service to its clients free of cost. A customer can customize its web theme to its satisfaction.