Rank on Top of the Search Results with AZK Logix

Search engines turn the fate of companies in any sector. Most of them consider them as an essential utility for their revenue expansion. Search engines help users to search and locate their desired things on the internet. They are searching for blog posts, news, and new brand offerings. 

You might have learned about different SEO approaches, but there is still something we have that can put your offerings on the top, Search Engine Marketing. Research shows that above 80% of customers spend days finding the best product before a big purchase. A strong search engine marketing agency like AZK Logix analyzes customer behavior and puts your offering (ads) in front of targeted people.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and does it work?

A data provision website disclosed that customers conduct research about the product for around 80 days before buying an expensive thing. It is long enough to determine a user’s search behavior and online trends. It becomes a perfect time for companies to offer their products to them with a delightful offer.

Search engine marketing is a PPC ad approach through which you can enhance your website’s visibility in the SERP. The strategy also helps you approach the customers directly in the buying cycle. You need an ad agency with a good portfolio to be a successful SEM campaigner. AZK Logix’s ten years of experience help your website to increase traffic and conversion rates.

Our Process of Search Engine Marketing

Our experts accomplish every campaign through these five steps. We focus on every step thoroughly and add quality material for better performance.

  1. Keyword Research

The first step in the SEM process is Keyword research and detailed analysis. Our experts find the most suitable results and determine their effectiveness according to your company’s goals. Our expert team selects the most relevant keywords that take your website to the top.

  1. Landing Page Development and Ad Development

Once our experts find the potential keywords, they design and write effective ads to get the top position in search results. Our expert team designs the optimized landing page and links it with the ad copy to capture the targeted audience’s initial search intent. The strategy also helps them to pass through your sales funnel.

  1. Dashboard Creation for Tracking the Results

It becomes an important move to track your strategy’s performance at any stage. AZK Logix experts develop a report showing a mechanism to track the campaign results. Our experts determine whether there is a need to make slight adjustments to the ad or landing page or not.  

  1. Launching the Campaign

After setting up all the measures right, launching the campaign is the next step our SEM experts take. Our experts set the right measures for the campaign, like location, networks, devices, and the right language. Additionally, we determine the pattern of your campaign.

  1. Analysis & Evaluation

Evaluation of paid campaign is a necessary task you need to perform in search engine marketing. AZK Logix experts closely monitor and analyze the different performance indicators. Additionally, we analyze the indicators like CTR, CPC, impression share, and quality score. The analysis helps us to determine whether there is a need for adjustment in the campaign or not.

Our Google Ad Management Services

AZK Logix has a strong portfolio of dealing the Google AdWords services. We have run countless paid ad campaigns on Google and have shown positive results over time. Our experience helps us to find the right keywords for you. It will lead us to adopt cost-effective and result-oriented strategies.

Investing in Google ads helps your potential customers to find your website. So, don’t miss a chance to work with an experienced company in Search Engine Marketing. Utilize the industry experience of AZK Logix and contact to get the gap covered that remained in the SEO process. The followings are the services we offer.

Competitors Analysis

Competitor analysis has an essential value in modern times. Our expert team members analyze competitors’ keywords and their positions and find the potential keywords that rank. Our main motive for the competitors’ analysis is to ensure a higher ROI against your competitors.

Keyword Research

Selecting and using the relevant keywords is the main point for success in any case. Our experienced team members’ strong keyword research makes it possible to rank your paid ad copy on top. Our strategies are also budget-friendly, and we choose the keywords that increase the ROI of your campaign.

Ad Copy Creation

Ad copy is the key to establishing the targeted impact on your customers. Our experts design the ads in a supportive way. They write the title and description according to the latest Google updates. We create multiple ad copies for different target groups to establish a greater impact on the campaign.

Campaign Creation

After getting the ad copy ready, we set the budget and determined the bidding approaches. AZK Logix’s experienced team configures all the settings to top the search results. Our experts check the copies multiple times before running them. If needed, they make changes to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Campaign Management

Campaign management majorly covers the monitoring and thorough reporting of the ongoing campaign. Our experts do a detailed analysis of an ongoing campaign to bid again with higher efficiency. We determine the need for re-budgeting, performance evaluation, monthly report preparation, and other consultancy bookings.

Why Choose AZK LOGIX for SEO Services?

Unlike other marketing matters, Search Engine marketing requires more attention. Because these are paid campaigns, incorrectly doing it leads you to face additional financial loss. Additionally, you can’t put your company’s goodwill at stake. That’s why you need an experienced company like AZK Logix.

We understand the scenarios of companies and develop strategies according to the latest Google Core updates. Our experience helps us to develop a result-oriented strategy that leads your customers to your website. Additionally, our pricing plans are quite manageable, even for new business owners. Here is a list of reasons you should believe us.

  • Strong Portfolio
  • Experience in working with more than 1000 companies
  • Specific unit for Google Adwords
  • Transparent analysis and reporting
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Reasonable Pricing Plans
  • Professional ad writing service
  • Expert in developing a marketing plan
  • Result orientation guaranteed


Although you know, or no doubt you know, the process, when you don’t understand the algorithm, you might lose your budget and time. Don’t worry about these issues; contact AZK Logix to adopt the highly result-oriented search engine marketing strategies. Try our service and enjoy a higher conversion rate to your website and enhanced sales.