The field of technology is advancing enormously, and it is important to keep up the pace with the fast-moving world in every aspect. Thus, we tend to modernize every task of our daily lives to perform it efficiently and save time. Talking about information technology and graphic designing, they hold a significant place in our workspaces and offices.

Graphic designing means making your files more attractive and impactful. You may turn your simple graphics into multilayer animations with high-end quality audio and visual effects. These edited graphics enhance your business as they convey the message better and more understandable.

AZK Logix is a great option if you want to convert your graphic design into a powerful communication tool and convey the concept you have in your mind. We consider that image selection and related text are very important to increase the intensity of the graphic. The viewers must be attracted to the graphics and understand their concept. 

Our graphic designing services include various services like logo designing, illustration, icon designing, etc. As we move forward in the article, I will explain our services for you to understand these terms better.

Logo Designing

Logos are a particular identification mark of a company that represents it. Logo designing is based on the type of services the company provides. Therefore, a person designing a specific logo for any company must-have insight into the company values and services to relate it more effectively. 

While designing a logo, we pay attention to the color scheme and design. The logo design always corresponds to the nature of the products and services of the organization. A logo represents an organization in the market. Thus, it must indicate the company’s contributions and eye-catchy designs so that everyone remembers it at first sight. Our creativity and proper insight into the organization’s services while designing a logo make us the best graphic designing company in the market.

There are many aspects that AZK Logix observes while generating a logo for an organization. One is the typography effect, where we add text to your logo. Either the text is written in an attractive font style to make the whole logo, or the company’s motto is added to elaborate the organization’s objective further. 

AZK Logixhelps you design a logo just like you have imagined. We can draw and generate a new logo from scratch or provide you with a template to get a basic idea, and then the alterations can be done. Our logo design has a simple but attractive layout, subtle color schemes that correlates with the company’s services, and a typograph to explain its objectives. Another thing we keep in mind while designing a logo is that it must not resemble any other company’s logo, as it can be confusing and highly unethical. We believe our uniqueness and integrity cannot be compromised at any cost.


Illustrations mean adding specific details to enhance the graphics. While animation, another important feature is the illustration. Graphic design focuses on the image color contrasts, brightness, and visual effects, while illustration focuses on the minor details that give direction to your graphics.

The graphics designs created by AZK Logix add structure to your concept, but the illustrations reflect the direction of the original idea. As the name indicates, our illustrations add to the beautification and detailing of the graphics. While creating AZK Logic illustrations, our services include:

  • increasing or decreasing the stroke of the graphics, the font size,
  •  adding or removing the details, effects, and blending styles.

An illustration is a key tool in your graphic design and animation. Motion designing is also another version of illustrations where you add text, effects, and freehand vectors to your images. Our illustrations can be used in animations, logo designs, posters, advertisements, and flyers. The minor detailing in the graphics design is what elaborates your files and gives a solid structure to your imagination. AZK Logix illustration aims to describe abstract ideas and insight into the brands’ services and products. We walk through your thoughts and hit on the strategy of the brand.

Icon designing

The icon is the image or symbolic representation of the files or applications stored on your device. The icons are displayed on the main screen and take you directly to the required files when you open them. Due to large amounts of data stored on your devices, the corresponding files are organized and saved in the form of icons so that you can access the files directly.

Icon designing is yet another service provided by AZK Logix. Icons are not only present by default on your computer but also web icons that are designed to your requirement. There are various tools present in illustrator and other graphic designing applications.

Just like logo designing and illustration, our icon designing services also relate to the objective of the company’s products and services. Our designing software has inbuilt icons that are mostly used in graphic designing. Still, you can also customize the icons you need to animate your graphics and add them as a component of your company.

We provide a wide range of web icons for free per your project requirements, but our icon designing services are more reliable as the designs and layout are according to your preference. The purpose ofAZK Logix icon designing is to 

  • Form shortcut on the website
  • Avoid confusion
  • Save time as it directly performs the required tasks with a single or double click.

Video Editing

The present world is all about editing images and videos. At AZK Logix, your images can be photoshopped, and effects are added to remove any unwanted hindrances. We also do video editing, which is quite different and tricky compared to image editing. We consider the audio and visual aspects of making a better-quality edited version. During video editing, we add or remove sounds and characters, cut unwanted parts and add text to increase the quality of the video. Video editing services by AZK Logix include 

  • increasing or decreasing the speed
  •  changing backgrounds
  • adding text layers on various layers
  • edit your multilayer graphics using freehand vectors 
  • add background music using a wide range of tools and effects.
  • Change the color contrast, brightness, light exposure, and textures to generate a high-quality edited video.

Email Design

Email designing generates a favored email pattern that correlates with the company’s services and products. Our email design is related to the brand’s basic ideology so that the customers can easily understand the company’s motive and products. The email design focuses on the company’s specific customers and targeted audience to attract the maximum number of people. Our focus is always on the outcome related to the brand’s main objective because only then will the public be able to understand the message we are trying to convey.

The email design generated by AZK Logix is based on different components that make them a unique email design. The email design contains the brand’s logo and motto to represent the company with a header, footer, main text, and color scheme corresponding to the brand’s services. For instance, if you are a clothing brand, the color scheme is usually brighter than other brands’ email designs. The color contrast and brightness should also match your brand’s logo so that it may not look odd.

Why choose AZK Logix

AZK Logix is a graphic designing company that has been working for a long time to serve its customers with the best animation and graphics designing services for your brands and offices and maintain their unique identity in the market. The question might pop into your mind why would you choose AZK Logix? Well, the answer lies right here.

 We use all the ultra-modern software and tools to generate the best quality graphics for you. Our commendable graphics services include

  • Graphic Designing
  • Logo Designing
  • Video edit
  • Illustrations
  • Email design

Our expert graphic design team understands the assignment and our customer’s views, so we can personify your thoughts in the best way possible. You can rely on our high-quality graphic design for your brand’s promotion because we can turn your thoughts into reality with our professional skills.


To summarize my point, logo designing, editing, and illustrations have made our lives easier as we can conduct our insights to other people more efficiently. To promote your business, you need the services mentioned above. So don’t hold yourselves back and get our amazing graphic designing services today.