Directly Target Your Audience with AZK Logix

Emails have replaced the physical mail service by almost 75%. People nowadays use email services for mail-sending purposes. Nearly 4 billion people around the world are using emails to contact others. Such a huge number means a lot of potential customers around your corner. Using email marketing for your marketing approach can generate leads.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an approach in which marketers use email to target the audience directly. This form of digital marketing can enhance brand recognition, improve client relationships and enhance sales regardless of the boundaries. Emails are a cheaper way for lead generation and conversion.

Despite the presence of messages and other similar forums, 59% of the people believe in contact with the companies through email. Over 85% of the total digital marketers use emails as their B2B marketing strategy, up to 79% for B2C strategies. All the major strategies are executed on a drip marketing strategy basis.

What is Drip Marketing?

Drip marketing is not a separate concept from email marketing. It is an email marketing optimization strategy that allows companies to send automated emails at a specific time. Drip marketing software’s help us send multiple emails through which companies drip helpful information to customers at the right time.

This information can be product teasers, new offerings, and relevant product materials. The targeted policy helps you approach the right person at the right time. So, did you consider email marketing for your business yet? Contact AZK Logix to boost your sales and increase your loyal customer base!

How can AZK Logix Email Marketing Services be Important for You?

Without considering the right email marketing mechanism, you may get hurt by low sale volume and conversion rate. Using email marketing without getting the right knowledge can lead to failure and wasting time. Don’t let this be the case for you! We offer multiple email marketing services to drive a profitable marketing venture.

We design our services according to your brand needs, required market segmentation, and according to your pockets. We design the email that results in increased sales and generates leads for your business. You can also get the services of freelance marketers but getting it done by an experienced agency always shows greater results. So, let’s contact AZK Logix to get exciting plans today.

AZK Logix Email Marketing Services

AZK Logix has a strong portfolio of working with over one thousand companies in the last decade. Our experience allowed us to adapt to every change in planning and development at that time. The experience ultimately allowed us to analyze the B2B and B2C email marketing strategies and use the best for your campaign. Our email marketing services are listed below.

  • Email Template Creation & Design Development

Matching the email design or template matched with your business strategy is important. The ways you deliver value to the customer always determine your sales. We analyze your current template or design a new one to establish an effective email template. Below are our email template creation & design development services.

Services we offer!

  • Template Design
  • Template Installation on your Email Service Provider
  • Quality Campaign Running
  • Guidance on Custom Template
  • Email Marketing Strategy Analysis &Audits

The online market is majorly based on trends, and understanding market behavior is very important. AZK Logix provides audit services and analyzes market trends so that you can adapt to the latest trends. Our experts determine the B2C and B2B factors in progressing to the next level.

Services we offer!

  • Technical Review
  • Template Review
  • Data Revision
  • Ongoing Campaign Analysis
  • Automation Management

Ecommerce has changed the recent means for businesses, and email marketing can clearly impact lead generation and conversion. Email newsletters and marketing campaigns for the ecommerce business demand regular follow-up. Email automation for this purpose can provide positive results, and AZK Logix is the perfect choice for you.

Services we offer!

  • Welcome Email Series
  • Drip Campaign Sequences
  • Web Activity Campaign
  • Customer Win-Back Emails
  • Email Marketing Management

Like management in any other department, Email marketing management can positively affect your monthly marketing strategy. Managed email design and development every month can enhance your sales to a higher level. So, don’t waste time collaborating with AZK Logix’s experts to drive your sales to the next level.

Services we offer!

  • Campaign Design
  • Marketing Goals Monitoring and Analysis
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Marketing Goals Analysis  and Targeting
  • Ongoing Management
  • Optimization
  • List Management
  • Asset Coordination
  • Ecommerce Email Services

Due to the increased demand and importance of the ecommerce business, we have developed a separate ecommerce team. The main focus of our experts is to market your products and services through several ESPs. Contact AZK Logix for quality and result-oriented ecommerce email services.

Services we offer!

  • Email Automation Approach Development
  • ESP Migration
  • Ecommerce Email Management
  • Template Design Development
  • Email Strategy
  • Email Service Provider Analysis and Migration

Different ESPs provide several services to their customers, but sometimes the network doesn’t support your requirements or the integration. If you face any integration, data, or reporting issues, you can use our services to trace the issue and in the rehabilitation process. Our experts will analyze the situation, design a strategy and execute the plan.

Services we offer!

  • Initial Audit and Analysis
  • Data Migration Process
  • Migration setting and Execution
  • Continuous presentations and Follow-up
  • ESP Research
  • Email Newsletters Services

Once a customer buys a product from you, there always remains a chance of their repurchasing. To get your customers in the loop of your promotions and other services, email marketing is the best way to approach it. It is because email marketing is a cost-effective method. AZK Logix has also maintained a low-cost method for its clients.

Services we offer!

  • Pro Template Designing and Development
  • Tailored Email Operations
  • Newsletter List Management
  • Promotional Services

Why Choose AZK Logix for Email Marketing?

There are numerous email marketing freelance services available in the market right now. They might send your message to the targeted audience in bulk. However, sending an irrelevant message the first time can demote your marketing strategy.

You need to collaborate with a marketing agency that has a strong portfolio. AZK Logix can be your partner in Email marketing because we have experience working with over 1000 companies in the past decade. Here is a list of reasons why choosing AZK Logix benefits you.

  • Expert Email Marketing team with a decade of experience
  • Integrated Email Marketing Services
  • Multivariate Campaign Testing
  • Thorough and Transparent Reporting
  • Tailored List Segmentation
  • Dedicated Email Marketing Experts
  • Detailed Campaign Testing

Don’t waste your time enjoying result-oriented marketing strategies. Contact AZK Logix to turn your leads into conversions!