The recent boom in ecommerce has changed the means of online businesses. Businessmen have changed their approach to e-com development and tasted sweet fruit in online business. Shopify has also changed the online business’s fate. The forum has provided a strong base for your business to enhance its brand awareness.

So, are you thinking of starting a venture on Shopify? You need to build a store on the forum first. Building and establishing the store on Shopify may require more attention. With the increased competition, most startups last no longer. You need to avail the services of an expert agency like AZK Logix that can set your Shopify store to the optimum level.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a complete ecommerce platform that provides cart and other ecommerce services. Research shows that the platform has around 25% of the total online ecommerce stores on the internet right now. Once create the account, you can get a few templates for running your online store. You can start with those templates to sell your product digitally.

However, high-performing businesses use the premium or custom-created template for an optimized solution. Shopify provides hosted ecommerce solutions, which means anyone can change the template, theme, and other features according to his use. It can be done using HTML or CSS to edit the design and make it optimal for your store.

AZK Logix has had a strong portfolio for nearly a decade, providing Shopify services like theme integration, loading speed, social media integration, and many more. We optimize your Shopify store to provide results according to your business goals and objectives. Unlike the other agencies, AZK Logix offers Shopify services that suit the customers’ pockets.

What are the Features of Shopify Websites?

Like every other website forum, Shopify offers numerous features to work with ease and productivity. Trying the advanced e-com forum like Shopify can put you in the driving seat against the competitors. AZK Logix designs and develops your Shopify store according to the needed features for best performance. Here is a list of some features you can expect from Shopify.

  • Search Engine Friendly: Search engines require a strong mechanism to maintain higher standards. Shopify has a strong base for SEO (search engine optimization) on different search engines. SEO campaigns provide good results for your business due to the enhanced features.
  • Mobile & Web Building: Shopify has provided the service of editing from a mobile or the web. You can make quick changes to the store from the web or on your mobile. At least you aren’t stuck with the web only!
  • Payment Gateways: Shopify doesn’t restrict you from using specific gateway methods. You can either choose from 100 integrated payment methods. From Bitcoin to ShopPay, you can use whatever remains feasible for you. Additionally, Shopify accepts all credit cards to accept payment.
  • Mobile Optimacy: Shopify has an optimal algorithm that supports the website to run smoothly on mobile. Customers can easily browse the required product and reach out without wasting time.
  • Provision of Blogging Platform: Unlike the other ecommerce platforms, Shopify provides a built-in blogging feature. That means you can write articles and get customers to keep in touch with you. The blog is an excellent way to engage customers with the latest updates.
  • Integrated Shipping Cost System: The integrated shipping cost system connects your account with the leading courier services. It saves your time by automatically updating the courier rates frequently.
  • Highly Secure: Shopify offers a free SSL certificate that protects all of your data from misusing and mishandling. The system is the same that uses the banks. The mechanism secures all of your and customers’ information from leaking out.
  • Financial Discounts: Shopify regularly offers financial discounts and other promotions. The strategy increases customer loyalty and promotes sales from past results.
  • Record of Abandoned Cart: Store on Shopify allows you to maintain the record for your sales. Don’t worry about the customers who abandoned their shopping carts; you can get such sales records by just sending an email.

Shopify Benefits

You may find numerous platforms for the ecommerce business. However, Shopify has become a leader with bigger benefits for your business. Whether you own an established brand or starting a new company, you can expect these benefits from Shopify for your business.

  • Security: The biggest threat on the internet nowadays is securing your data from unauthorized persons. Shopify’s algorithm is very strong for providing security to your data. They are responsible for protecting your data against potential threats.
  • Extended Tools Set: The forum is widely used, and around 25% of the total online stores are on Shopify. Shopify provides an extended marketing toolset, and you can install over 1500 tools in your store. You can do it by adding plugins to your store.
  • Managed Web Hosting: While running the store on Shopify, you don’t need to obtain the web hosting services separately. Shopify manages the web hosting services and upgrades when needed.
  • Affordability: Although Shopify is a well-established forum, they provide extended services at manageable costs for most businesses. New businesses can also afford Shopify services and enhance their business.
  • Complete Technology Setup: Shopify manages the technological setup for you and allows users to work freely on their business. The feature saves you time and money at the same time.

Shopify Website Services We Offer!

AZK Logix is an established agency that offers all the major services for your business. Our expert team has excellent potential to provide result-oriented services. We have worked with countless clients and provided them a result oriented services. Most of them become loyal customers due to our highly professional services. We offer the following!

Shopify Website Plugins

Shopify has all the features that you need in your Shopify store. However, if something is still missing in Shopify and you need it installed on your Shopify web store, then AZK Logix is there to help you. Our expert team members understand the mechanism and implement the knowledge in customizing and configuring the Plugins for your store.

We have worked with numerous clients and customized countless apps and Plugins for your Shopify store. This wide experience helps you set up the Plugins for your store to optimize it for your customer base. We configure the plugins according to the requirements and make the website optimum for you.

Theme Customization

In addition to theme development, our experts provide theme customization services. Our experts turn your Shopify website to the next level of smoothness and ease. We accommodate you in custom functionalities & workflows, complex functions, custom app development, Shopify integration, and Shopify extensions. Contact AZK Logix to make your impact sure on the customers.

Responsive Theme Development

A responsive Shopify store is essential to convert leads into sales. AZK Logix expert team develops themes according to your business values. They develop the theme with the perfection that it works with enhanced smoothness and looks feasible for your customers. We don’t only offer development services; our team also offers backup services and technical maintenance.

Easy integration of the themes helps Shopify stand tall in the crowded competition. Our expert Shopify designers design the themes according to your business goals. We consider your websites like ours and our honest efforts to ensure that you get the right value. AZK Logix’s themes are highly responsive and result-oriented for every business.

Speed Optimization

Research shows that a 10-second delay can drop your leads to 50%, ultimately letting sales drop. We have an expert team that understands all the leading speed algorithms of different forums. AZK Logix’s expertise helps your website to develop a strong mechanism that increases your website’s speed.

Speed optimization for mobile is also necessary to increase the lead in modern days. It is because most internet surfers use mobile these days. Our expert team tries to find the bugs in the mobile app and remove them to boost the speed on mobile.

Apps Integration

AZK Logix’s experts understand the app algorithm and know the framework to integrate, customize and develop the apps. Our experts use Rails and Ruby structure to build highly responsive apps for your business. Additionally, if you find any app missing in the Shopify app store, AZK Logix can help you produce the app.

Social Media Integration

Social media has changed the fate of online businesses. There are around 4.8 billion social media users worldwide right now. That means a huge potential for your business. Over 70 % of Shopify businessmen use social media as their potential selling market. Our experts have worked with numerous companies and integrated their social media stores through Shopify.

AZK Logix is capable of providing social media integration services for Shopify accounts and social media marketing services. Our experts understand the major social media platform’s algorithms. They develop strategies to support your brand’s name and integrity on social media.

Social Media Shop Creation

Social media has changed the fate not only of electronic media but the online businesses. With the increased population on social media, businesses have a huge potential to generate leads and enhance brand recognition. However, you need to be present on social media forums, and you can’t risk hiring an agency with ordinary performance.

AZK Logix has created over 1000 shops on social media and turned them into loyal clients. We create social media shops according to your business goals and optimize them for better performance. We meet the social media forums and Shopify criteria to establish an optimized online store with a user-friendly interface.

PSD Conversion to Shopify Theme

Converting the PSD design into the Shopify theme optimizes your store and makes a user-friendly interface. Several PSD conversion methods are available online, but doing it yourself may not provide the best results. AZK Logix has a devoted team that designs your store’s interface and converts the PSD file into the Shopify theme.

Our expert team installs the theme and customizes it according to the PSD design. The customization process needs more attention, and our experts do it according to the PSD requirements. Once the customization has been done, we customize the custom functionalities for the Shopify theme.

Shopify Site Maintenance & Support

Our services aren’t restricted to Shopify development and store creation. We don’t let your clients suffer. We offer maintenance, follow-up, enhanced functionality, and backup services to develop a strong chain for your Shopify store. Keep your Shopify store optimized and bug-free; contact AZK Logix and get your store up to date.

Shopify Consultant Services

Whether you want to consult about your Shopify store or get an overview of your store, AZK Logix can provide you with the best solutions. Our team independently analyzes the records and provides transparent reports for better strategic decisions. Our experts make suggestions and recommend you the right strategies to increase traffic and lead generation.

Why Choose AZK Logix for Your Shopify Store?

Handing over your business to the inexperienced or the persons with less experience can push you towards loss. Online businesses especially need more attention and care when handling customers, developing offers, establishing the store, or maintaining a user-friendly interface.

AZK Logix has all the guts to boost your Shopify performance by providing its services. We provide professional services and believe in quality provision with a strong portfolio. Here are some reasons you need to hire AZK Logix for your Shopify store. 

  • Strong Portfolio: AZK Logix has a strong portfolio of working with over 1000 clients worldwide.
  • Theme Customization That Fulfills Your Needs: AZK Logix expert team is capable of customizing the theme according to your business goals.
  • Advance Service under a Manageable Cost: AZK Logix provides advanced and quality services at a very reasonable cost. Our plans are suitable for everyone.
  • All-in-one Service: You don’t need to find a separate service provider for different works. AZK Logix solves your problems within one set of services.
  • Specialized Ecommerce SEO Experts: AZK Logix has a separate and specialized team of ecommerce SEO experts due to its huge importance. They optimize your store with result-oriented strategies.


No matter how many bucks you invest in making the Shopify store, you may sacrifice a big portion of the money if it isn’t in the right direction. You must choose an agency with a strong portfolio of working on Shopify. You can’t get a better option than the AZK Logix to put your store in the driving seat. So, let’s talk about the business!